Soil modification Houston Texas, also referred to as “mud drying”, consists in changing the physical characteristics of the soil to improve its bearing capacity.

Often, the subgrade soil is too wet and can’t provide the strength and support to the overlying pavement. In other words, soil that exceed the optimum moisture content is unworkable, making it impossible to meet the requirements for structural earthworks.

Rather than excavating an entire site and replacing the wet soil with one that has an optimum level of moisture, soil modification is a reliable, time-saving and cost-effective solution for improving the workability of the soil. In fact, by modifying the soil directly on the worksite, you save precious time on having to haul it away and replacing it with imported quality fill material. Recycling on-site material will, therefore, save you time, money, and it will also reduce the environmental impact.

Through soil modification, the soil is strengthened by adding chemical additives like lime, fly ash, and cement. With an improved compaction, soil modification reduces the soil’s plasticity and the risk of swelling and shrinkage.

Depending on the type of soil, different techniques are used to achieve the desired consistency, such as soil mixing, deep soil mixing, and jet grouting. The end result is a stronger and stable sub-base, providing the right foundation to the construction project, whether it’s a road or a building

At Hasten Contracting, our effective soil modification techniques take control of the level of moisture to ensure that the soil meets specific moisture data requirements as per your engineering specifications. More importantly, we carefully assess each location and take into consideration the specific weather conditions and terrain proprieties of each site to determine to what extent the soil composition needs to be modified or stabilized.

Working closely with our team of engineers and skilled equipment operators, we offer tailor-made solutions that meet your specific requirements and needs. This means monitoring the level of moisture throughout the chemical stabilization of the soil and testing the density and the strength of the soil until obtaining the desired subgrade consistency for your development plan.

When it comes to construction sites, you shouldn’t compromise on quality or having to do unnecessary repair work. Choosing a reliable contractor can solve your soil problems, including excessive water content and high plasticity. Using our expertise and latest engineering technologies, we can offer a complete bespoke package throughout the state and across the country, carrying out soil modification services of the highest standard.