When it comes to bulk transportation, Hasten Contracting is the industry leader with a reputation for safe and on-time delivery that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Together with our comprehensive knowledge of materials and safety protocols that follow strict regulations, we offer a wide range of bulk transportation trucks to ensure that each load is hauled and transported safely and efficiently.

Taking into account your business requirements, with our contract carrier services, we offer customized solutions of the highest standard for your every transportation need to ensure that there are no delays. These include:



Certain materials need to be transported in a sealed environment to prevent any contamination that might alter their chemical composition or moisture level. For such materials, pneumatic trucking is the optimal transportation solution. Whether its lime, fly ash, cement powder, bulk plastics, or bulk dry chemical products, Hasten Contracting pneumatic trucking offers a reliable and timely delivery.

Alternatively, if you need to store your dry bulk materials on site, we also provide portable pneumatic trailers with a host of features to fit your operational needs. Pneumatic trailers are a practical and easy solution to preserving and maintaining your products’ integrity throughout your development plans.


Our fleet of heavy trucks can haul and deliver a large variety of products to large or remote project sites to meet your dry bulk transportation needs. Our service includes lime, cement and fly ash hauling.


Located in Houston, Texas, Hasten Contracting is strategically located at the crossroads to other nearby cities and highways.

We are involved in every stage of our driver & employee training programs for a superior customer service. Our fleet is operated by professional truck drivers who are up-to-date with the latest safety guidelines and techniques for a smooth handling and transportation service.

We operate state and nation-wide, priding ourselves for delivering shipments in the same ways that they’ve been picked up. With our professional team of drivers regularly inspecting the haul and filling out paperwork, we can guarantee a high standard of dry bulk transportation service for long haul trucking.

In the work of dry bulk trucking, we are accustomed to handling different products, and we know how important it is for our client to receive shipments that are contamination-free. Our meticulous tank cleaning procedures that comply with strict sanitation policies of the highest regulations are part of what makes Hasten Contracting one of the most trusted bulk transportation companies in the country.