Cement Treated Base in Houston Texas

Hasten Contacting’s Cement Treated Base services (CTBS) consists in thoroughly mixing a prescribed amount of portland cement and water with aggregate materials and/or granular soils. This aggregate mixture hardens after compaction to form a durable pavement material.

Compared to concrete pavements, CBT is an affordable and time-saving solution for a variety of construction projects that rely on evenly distributed load-bearing platforms to remove sub-grade fatigue. What’s more, it has been demonstrated that CBT exceeds the structural proprieties of a thicker crushed aggregate base, making it a standard choice for modern road construction.

Moreover, CBT has other important intrinsic factors that make it much stronger than granular soils. For starters, it has high water-resistant proprieties that ensure that it maintains adequate moisture content so as to not being not affected by extreme weather conditions, such as freezing temperatures and heavy rainfalls. CBT’s excellent performance data show its resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, virtually eliminating the risk of cracking and effectively maintaining a uniform load-bearing capacity throughout the area.

CBT also passes the test of time by maintaining its high-performance levels that can withstand heavy loads. For this reason, CTB is commonly used for highways, airports, streets, and parking areas, which are regularly subjected to a dense flow of traffic and heavy equipment.

Another benefit of CBT is that it is a more environmentally-friendly option than other conventional road materials, making it a sustainable building method.

Using our vast resources, we closely monitor the production of CBT, ensuring that the mixture has the proper cement content and giving it proper curing time to allow the cement to hydrate for adequate compaction.

We then dispatch the road base materials to your site’s location using our wide fleet of aggregate haulers specifically designed to retain the aggregate’s uniform quality and to protect it from contamination.

Alternatively, CBT can also be mixed in place on-site, further saving time and lowering the road base material cost.

Using our technical expertise to undertake large and complex projects, we go over and beyond our call of duty by also offering professional road base installation as per your engineering specifications and needs.

Located in Texas, Hasten Contracting is the industry leader in providing aggregate materials for commercial and industrial application needs. Providing a service of the highest value, CBT is an all-time favorite in the construction industry because it’s a fast and, therefore, a low-cost solution that does not compromise on quality.