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When it comes to bulk transportation, Hasten Contracting is the industry leader with a reputation for safe and on-time delivery that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Together with our comprehensive knowledge of materials and safety protocols that follow strict regulations, we offer a wide range of bulk transportation trucks to ensure that each load is hauled and transported safely and efficiently.

Taking into account your business requirements, with our contract carrier services, we offer customized solutions of the highest standard for your every transportation need to ensure that there are no delays. These include:


Certain materials need to be transported in a sealed environment to prevent any contamination that might alter their chemical composition or moisture level. For such materials, pneumatic trucking is the optimal transportation solution. Whether its lime, fly ash, cement powder, bulk plastics, or bulk dry chemical products, Hasten Contracting pneumatic trucking offers a reliable and timely delivery.

Alternatively, if you need to store your dry bulk materials on site, we also provide portable pneumatic trailers with a host of features to fit your operational needs. Pneumatic trailers are a practical and easy solution to preserving and maintaining your products’ integrity throughout your development plans.


Our fleet of heavy trucks can haul and deliver a large variety of products to large or remote project sites to meet your dry bulk transportation needs. Our service includes lime, cement and fly ash hauling.


Located in Houston, Texas, Hasten Contracting is strategically located at the crossroads to other nearby cities and highways.

We are involved in every stage of our driver & employee training programs for a superior customer service. Our fleet is operated by professional truck drivers who are up-to-date with the latest safety guidelines and techniques for a smooth handling and transportation service.

We operate state and nation-wide, priding ourselves for delivering shipments in the same ways that they’ve been picked up. With our professional team of drivers regularly inspecting the haul and filling out paperwork, we can guarantee a high standard of dry bulk transportation service for long haul trucking.

In the work of dry bulk trucking, we are accustomed to handling different products, and we know how important it is for our client to receive shipments that are contamination-free. Our meticulous tank cleaning procedures that comply with strict sanitation policies of the highest regulations are part of what makes Hasten Contracting one of the most trusted bulk transportation companies in the country.


Hasten Contacting’s Cement Treated Base (CTB) consists in thoroughly mixing a prescribed amount of portland cement and water with aggregate materials and/or granular soils. This aggregate mixture hardens after compaction to form a durable pavement material.

Compared to concrete pavements, CBT is an affordable and time-saving solution for a variety of construction projects that rely on evenly distributed load-bearing platforms to remove sub-grade fatigue. What’s more, it has been demonstrated that CBT exceeds the structural proprieties of a thicker crushed aggregate base, making it a standard choice for modern road construction.

Moreover, CBT has other important intrinsic factors that make it much stronger than granular soils. For starters, it has high water-resistant proprieties that ensure that it maintains adequate moisture content so as to not being not affected by extreme weather conditions, such as freezing temperatures and heavy rainfalls. CBT’s excellent performance data show its resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, virtually eliminating the risk of cracking and effectively maintaining a uniform load-bearing capacity throughout the area.

CBT also passes the test of time by maintaining its high-performance levels that can withstand heavy loads. For this reason, CTB is commonly used for highways, airports, streets, and parking areas, which are regularly subjected to a dense flow of traffic and heavy equipment.

Another benefit of CBT is that it is a more environmentally-friendly option than other conventional road materials, making it a sustainable building method.

Using our vast resources, we closely monitor the production of CBT, ensuring that the mixture has the proper cement content and giving it proper curing time to allow the cement to hydrate for adequate compaction.

We then dispatch the road base materials to your site’s location using our wide fleet of aggregate haulers specifically designed to retain the aggregate’s uniform quality and to protect it from contamination.

Alternatively, CBT can also be mixed in place on-site, further saving time and lowering the road base material cost.

Using our technical expertise to undertake large and complex projects, we go over and beyond our call of duty by also offering professional road base installation as per your engineering specifications and needs.

Located in Texas, Hasten Contracting is the industry leader in providing aggregate materials for commercial and industrial application needs. Providing a service of the highest value, CBT is an all-time favorite in the construction industry because it’s a fast and, therefore, a low-cost solution that does not compromise on quality.


Hasten Contracting soil stabilization technique is a fast, secure, and cost-efficient solution to create a strong foundation soil stabilization for any type of construction work. While traditional soil stabilization methods are not only time-consuming and costly, they are also not very reliable in the long-run, as poor soil conditions can put a whole structure at risk.

Faced with this reality, Hasten Contracting uses soil stabilization methods to improve the soils’ proprieties and their bearing capacity by mixing it with other materials, thus ensuring a rock-solid stabilization.

With a trusted soil stabilization contractor, you can radically improve the state of your soil for the desired engineering use. To achieve this, there are primarily four soil stabilization products and methods.


The cement soil stabilization process, also known as soil-cement, consists in strengthening the soil by adding cement, which works as a binding agent. Through a chemical reaction, the cement dissolves certain particles in the soil to successfully stabilize it.

Because each type of soil has its unique characteristics in terms of composition and structure, the amount of cement needed to be added to stabilize the soil varies. Other materials may be added to the mixture, such as fly ash, which is one of the most common additives used with cement stabilization of soil.


Lime is an effective soil stabilizing solution for clay soil, reducing the amount of groundwater that it absorbs and, consequently, its plasticity. This means that there’s no swelling, no damages, or soil fatigue caused by water absorption.

Soil modification with lime stabilization generates long-term results for optimal ground stabilization, including more durability and load-bearing capacity. The strength of the stabilized soil can be increased by adding binding agents such as fly ash.


Soil injection stabilization is another effective process for ground stabilization using chemicals that make important changes to key proprieties of the soil. Most importantly, they reduce water absorption, and consequently, the overall movement of the structure for a reliable ground foundation soil stabilization.


Another major ground stabilization technique, that maximises the engineering proprieties of the soil, is the fly ash soil stabilization method.

Depending on the site, this method increases the durability of the soil and its shear strength. Fly ash stabilization generates the best results when mixed with sandy or silty soils.


Soil stabilization is at the heart of every construction project. Whether it’s a road or a building, having a strong foundation acts as a reliable working platform that can withstand the weight of a structure and preserve its structural integrity through all weather conditions.

At Hasten Contracting, we are committed to providing a wide range of high-performance and cost-effective soil stabilizing solutions that exceed industry standards and performance expectations – giving you the premises to build something that is meant to last.


Soil modification, also referred to as “mud drying”, consists in changing the physical characteristics of the soil to improve its bearing capacity.

Often, the subgrade soil is too wet and can’t provide the strength and support to the overlying pavement. In other words, soil that exceed the optimum moisture content is unworkable, making it impossible to meet the requirements for structural earthworks.

Rather than excavating an entire site and replacing the wet soil with one that has an optimum level of moisture, soil modification is a reliable, time-saving and cost-effective solution for improving the workability of the soil. In fact, by modifying the soil directly on the worksite, you save precious time on having to haul it away and replacing it with imported quality fill material. Recycling on-site material will, therefore, save you time, money, and it will also reduce the environmental impact.

Through soil modification, the soil is strengthened by adding chemical additives like lime, fly ash, and cement. With an improved compaction, soil modification reduces the soil’s plasticity and the risk of swelling and shrinkage.

Depending on the type of soil, different techniques are used to achieve the desired consistency, such as soil mixing, deep soil mixing, and jet grouting. The end result is a stronger and stable sub-base, providing the right foundation to the construction project, whether it’s a road or a building

At Hasten Contracting, our effective soil modification techniques take control of the level of moisture to ensure that the soil meets specific moisture data requirements as per your engineering specifications. More importantly, we carefully assess each location and take into consideration the specific weather conditions and terrain proprieties of each site to determine to what extent the soil composition needs to be modified or stabilized.

Working closely with our team of engineers and skilled equipment operators, we offer tailor-made solutions that meet your specific requirements and needs. This means monitoring the level of moisture throughout the chemical stabilization of the soil and testing the density and the strength of the soil until obtaining the desired subgrade consistency for your development plan.

When it comes to construction sites, you shouldn’t compromise on quality or having to do unnecessary repair work. Choosing a reliable contractor can solve your soil problems, including excessive water content and high plasticity. Using our expertise and latest engineering technologies, we can offer a complete bespoke package throughout the state and across the country, carrying out soil modification services of the highest standard.

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